Memorial Day 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to What’s Open and Closed

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Dexter Callahan May 27 0


Memorial Day is not just a time to honor the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces; it has also become a signal for the unofficial start of summer. Come May 27, 2024, the nation will observe this holiday with myriad ceremonies, family gatherings, and community events. However, it’s also a day when consumer patterns shift dramatically, prompting a variety of changes in operation hours for retailers and restaurants. If you’re planning for last-minute shopping or dining out, it's crucial to know which establishments will be open and which will remain closed.

Retailers Open on Memorial Day

This year, many major retailers will keep their doors open to accommodate the holiday rush. Stores like Academy Sports + Outdoors, Ace Hardware, and Barnes & Noble will be ready to serve you. Whether you need to pick up grilling supplies or looking for the latest bestsellers to enjoy on a relaxing day off, these shops will be operational. Additionally, outdoor and specialty stores such as Bass Pro Shops and Bed Bath & Beyond will also be welcoming shoppers. Best Buy, known for its extensive range of electronics and home appliances, will likewise be open, catering to those grabbing last-minute items for their home entertainment systems or upgrading their tech gadgets.

Academy Sports + Outdoors: Essential for all your outdoor sporting needs, from camping gear to athletic equipment.

Ace Hardware: Perfect for DIY projects or any quick fix you might need around the house.

Barnes & Noble: Ideal for book lovers looking to pick up a new read for the long weekend.

Bass Pro Shops: Your go-to destination for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Stock up on home essentials and unique holiday decorations.

Best Buy: Get the latest in electronics, from TVs to laptops, ensuring you stay entertained over the holiday.

Restaurants Open on Memorial Day

Restaurants Open on Memorial Day

The holiday is also a fantastic time to indulge in some dining out, and various restaurants and fast-food chains are ready to cater to your cravings. Places like Applebee’s and Bahama Breeze offer a range of dining experiences that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking for something more casual, you can always rely on Bob Evans or Buffalo Wild Wings. Craving fast food? Popular choices like Burger King and Chipotle will be serving their regular menus, making it easy to grab a quick bite during your holiday outings.

Applebee’s: Great for family dining with a variety of American-style dishes.

Bahama Breeze: Offers an exotic menu, perfect for those wanting to try new flavors.

Bob Evans: Known for its hearty, home-style meals.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Ideal for wing lovers looking to catch a game while they eat.

Burger King: Popular for its fast and affordable burgers and sandwiches.

Chipotle: Great for those looking for a healthier fast-food option with customizable burritos and bowls.

Establishments Closed on Memorial Day

While many places will be open, it's also important to make note of key establishments that will be closed. Retail giants like Costco and Natural Grocers will shut their doors, so plan your grocery shopping accordingly. Similarly, logistical services from UPS and FedEx won't be available, which could affect any last-minute shipping plans or online orders you've placed. Keeping track of these closures is essential to ensure your holiday plans go off without a hitch.

Costco: Known for its bulk items and extensive product range, but it will not be open, so plan accordingly.

Natural Grocers: This health-focused grocery store will be closed, delaying any plans for health-conscious meal prep.

UPS: The shipping giant will not be operational, so be mindful of any packages that need to be sent or received.

FedEx: Similar to UPS, FedEx services will be unavailable, affecting deliveries and pickups.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

As you prepare for Memorial Day 2024, informed planning can make a world of difference. Whether you’re looking to shop for last-minute items or enjoy a meal out, knowing which establishments are open will help you avoid any inconveniences. Remember to double-check local operation hours, as they can vary from one location to another. Most importantly, take some time to honor the purpose of this day: a moment to remember and pay tribute to those who have served our nation. Enjoy the holiday, and make the most of the time spent with family and friends.

Important Tips

  • Always double-check local store and restaurant hours as they can vary.
  • Plan grocery shopping ahead of time, particularly if you rely on stores like Costco or Natural Grocers.
  • Keep in mind the shipping and delivery interruptions from UPS and FedEx.
  • Consider making reservations for popular dining spots to avoid long waits.
  • Use this opportunity to relax and spend quality time with loved ones.
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