Kenya Forest Service, Communications Authority, and Kenya Airport Authority Announce Over 250 Job Openings: Detailed Guide on How to Apply

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Kenya Forest Service, Communications Authority, and Kenya Airport Authority Announce Over 250 Job Openings

The job market in Kenya is abuzz with activity as three major agencies—Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), and Kenya Airport Authority (KAA)—have unveiled an exciting array of job opportunities. Combined, these organizations are offering over 250 positions, giving a golden opportunity for those seeking to advance or start their careers. Here’s a detailed look at what's on offer and how to apply.

Kenya Forest Service: 220 Positions Available

The Kenya Forest Service has opened the largest number of vacancies, advertising a total of 220 positions. These range from Office Assistant roles to specialized positions like ICT Assistants and Human Resource Management Assistants. Here's a breakdown:

  • 32 Office Assistant III/Nursery/Enumerator
  • 10 Plant Operator III
  • 20 Driver III
  • 30 Records Management Assistant III
  • 2 Customer Care Assistants
  • 32 Office Administrator Assistant III
  • 10 ICT Assistants
  • 15 Accounts Assistant II
  • 15 Human Resource Management Assistant II

The applying process for these vacancies involves both an online and physical component. Interested candidates must first apply online through the KFS website: Afterward, they are required to send a hard copy of their application documents. The hard copy should include the email confirmation of successful registration, a current CV, relevant testimonials, academic and professional certificates, and a copy of their national ID. Additionally, the application must be clearly marked with the reference number for the position applied for and should be directed to:

The Chief Conservator of Forests, Kenya Forest Service, Karura, off Kiambu Road, PO BOX 30513-00100, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya.

Communications Authority of Kenya: 31 Job Vacancies

The Communications Authority of Kenya is also contributing to the job market with 31 openings. The advertised roles are predominantly in monitoring, inspection, and supply chain management. The positions include:

  • 12 Monitoring and Inspection Officers
  • 2 Senior Supply Chain Management Assistants
  • 2 Competition Management Officers
  • 2 Principal Supply Chain Management Officers

Candidates aiming to join the CA team need to submit their applications online through the CA website: The online application must be accompanied by a detailed CV, copies of relevant academic and professional certificates, a cover letter, and contact information for three professional references. All applications must be submitted by July 2, 2024, at 5 pm EAT.

Kenya Airport Authority: 11 Key Positions

Not to be left behind, the Kenya Airport Authority has announced 11 significant job vacancies. The roles are pivotal, addressing both managerial and operational needs. The positions open for application are:

  • Managing Director/CEO
  • JKIA Airport Manager
  • Wilson Airport Manager
  • Wajir Airport Manager
  • Seven Airstrips Officers-in-Charge

Candidates interested in these positions are required to apply through the KAA website:, under the career sections. The application window closes on June 24, 2024, at 5 pm EAT, so timely applications are encouraged.

Application Guidelines and Tips

Application Guidelines and Tips

Applying for jobs in this competitive landscape requires meticulous attention to detail. Here are some tips to-guide prospective applicants:

  1. **Read Job Descriptions Carefully**: Each job posting comes with specific requirements. Ensure you meet the qualifications and understand the job responsibilities.
  2. **Prepare Supporting Documents**: Gather all necessary documents, including your CV, academic and professional certificates, and testimonials. Make sure these documents are up to date.
  3. **Tailor Your Application**: Customize your cover letter and CV to highlight your relevant skills and experiences. A well-tailored application can make a significant difference.
  4. **Follow Submission Instructions**: Pay close attention to the submission guidelines. For KFS, remember to send both the online application and the hard copy. For CA and KAA, ensure you meet the online submission deadlines.
  5. **Check Application Deadlines**: Mark the deadlines on your calendar. KAA applications close on June 24, 2024, while CA applications have a deadline of July 2, 2024. Submitting your application on time is crucial.

Applying for these vacancies is not only a step towards landing a job but also an opportunity to contribute to the growth and management of critical sectors in Kenya. By following the guidelines and tips provided, applicants can navigate the process more efficiently and increase their chances of success.



The announcement of over 250 job vacancies by the Kenya Forest Service, Communications Authority of Kenya, and Kenya Airport Authority brings a wave of opportunities to the job seekers in the country. These roles are spread across various levels and departments, offering something for everyone. Interested candidates must ensure they follow the application processes meticulously, meet the deadlines, and provide all required documents. Such opportunities are rare, and timely, well-prepared applications could be the key to securing a position in these prestigious organizations. Act now and take the first step towards a rewarding career.

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